The Inside Scoop on Mario’s Innovation: Folligenix

You heard it here first. That’s right, and it should be, as this is Mario’s salon and Folligenix is the offspring of many years of passion, prowess and know-how. All brought magically to life by Mr. Diab, in an endeavor that has been long in coming and nearly two decades in the making. In my last post, I covered the first of many proprietary and organic ingredients that will literally up your WOW factor with your hair, skin and nails, from the inside out. But today, before I get any further on the ingredients list, I want to provide you with some more depth on Folligenix, and why Mario created it.

These are direct quotes from Mario, and they truly exemplify the thought process, the design and the passion that went into developing this signature and revolutionary new cosmeceutical – which is really more of a nutraceutical – that has the power to change your life, your look, and you…from – as I said before – the inside out.

Why did you create Folligenix?

“After being in the business for 19+ years, I never thought I would see clients loose their sense of confidence through hair loss. Even the clients who have everything – and I mean everything in the world – loose hair and loose their confidence as well. Folligenix will be my tool to help clients regain their confidence and feel better about their image.”

Is Folligenix and its creation, and where you have come with this product line almost like your best dream come true?

“Folligenix is my dream come true. I didn’t want to create another shampoo or conditioner to treat thinning hair and hair loss. Plus, the real difference will come by addressing our internal system and not just the exterior.”



Can you tell us more about your gorgeous dog, Charley?

“They say your dog is your best friend…but Charley is my baby. He is the first face I look forward to seeing after a long day at work. When I wake up in the morning, after I travel…he is always happy and brings me happiness.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Folligenix.

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Mario’s parting fashion quote…

“I like to help my clients create individual fashion for themselves. Individual fashion should compliment and enhance your lifestyle.”

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