Two Amazing Organic Solutions for Your Hair & Skin

So far we have discussed several proprietary and organic ingredients that are contained within the revolutionary hair, skin and nails rejuvenator, Folligenix. But now it is time to move forwards by adding a few more to the list so that you can better understand why Folligenix is the most amazing cosmeceutical supplement to ever be derived, and simply put: It’s the best thing since apple pie, but in regards to your beauty and how you can more easily attain that shining look that you so deserve and desire. And I think that it goes without saying that when we feel good about the way that we look, well our self confidence soars, and we tend to think better about ourselves. We are what we eat, and we are what we put into our bodies, and that mantra also reflects who we are as persons; and we are all beautiful people. That being said, let’s dive in really quickly to the next two organic ingredients contained within Folligenix.

It’s time to talk about hips, but not your actual hips – which can really make that pair of jeans look fabulous, or that skirt wrap around your body – but I am actually talking about organic rose hips. It does so much in Folligenix that you will be wowed. The benefits of organic rose hips works to promote synthesis of collagen, so that your skin is producing more collagen, which keeps it youthful vibrant and toned. Rose hips also reduces inflammation in your skin and combats skin conditions like dermatitis or darkening of the skin. Rose hips also can repair UV damaged skin and it works to repair other damaged skin because it contains 80% fatty acids content. Your hair will be amazing, too, because rose hips improves hair texture, tone and quantity – even in dyed, tinted, permed or damaged hair. See, I told you that the WOW factor was rather large.

It’s tea time. But you don’t have to drink organic green tea to enjoy its many benefits. Rather, the organic green tea extract contained in Folligenix will work wonders for your hair, skin and nails. In fact, many skincare lines contain this extract because it inhibits the functioning of collagenase, which aids in toning and firming your skin, and it does this by promoting the quality and the production of collagen. It also is a very powerful antioxidant, which aids in preventing the formation of free-radicals, which are cells that contribute to skin cancer and tumors. Lastly, organic green tea extract is a potent anti-inflammatory and astringent, too.

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