How Folligenix Eliminates Despair From Your Hair

Folligenix for your hairWe so far have discussed many of the amazing and organic ingredients that are contained in the forthcoming revolutionary beauty supplement and cosmeceutical, Folligenix, and just how they can really ramp up your look like you never thought possible. However, seeing as Mario Diab is the connoisseur of hair, and your hair is a big part of how you look and feel, your self confidence, and part of your overall image and look, let’s take a gander at some of the many benefits that Folligenix provides for one of your most important external aesthetic amenities: Your hair.

  • Organic Horsetail Extract – Works to promote and improve the circulation to the scalp because it contains selenium and silica. And it also helps make your hair stronger and more invigorating.  (See my Blog about Organic Horsetail Extract Here)
  • Organic Rose Hips – This amazing organic ingredient will work wonders to improve the quality, texture and tone of your hair – see my blog about Organic Rose Hips by Clicking Here – it also works to improve hair texture, tone and quantity – even in dyed, tinted, permed or damaged hair.
  • Organic Kelp – Works to prevent the loss of hair in men and in women.
  • Cayenne – Improves and stimulates circulation to your hair follicles.
  • Biotin – An absolutely signature ingredient in Folligenix that is taken internally (as it is unable to be absorbed externally) and is a powerful hair strengthener. It also has been shown to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Biotin work to nourish your hair, maintain its health and prevent unnecessary breakage in the follicles.

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