Skinfully Delicious – DIY Skincare Tips for You

Folligenix can revive your skin!I am just going to dig right in here because skincare is everything. Obviously, Folligenix, Mario’s new and innovative supplement, will do wonders for your skin. But there are some other skincare tips that you can incorporate in the meanwhile, too.

AHA Peels do Wonders: Alphahydroxy acids, better know as AHAs, are simply amazing for your skin! They penetrate the skin pores and work to unclog them and remove dirt and debris, and they aid the skin in shedding old, dead skin cells so that it can look supple and youthful. You can find kits online for use at home for really cheap. Look into it!

Behold the power of Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil, or melaleuca oil, can be found online or at most grocery stores for very cheap. You can dilute it in water and mist it on your skin to really make it shine. It works wonders at killing any bacteria and resuscitating the dead skin cells. They even make Tea Tree Oil shampoos to fight dandruff as well as bar soaps and body washes.

SUNCREEN People – SUNSCREEN!! I can’t emphasize this enough. You often hear people who say that they don’t need any sunscreen because it’s wintertime and they don’t live in a desert, like Phoenix. Wrong! The UV rays of the sun don’t really care where you live. If the sun is out, the UV rays can damage your skin. If you don’t protect it by using the proper sunscreen, it can become dry, damaged, show premature signs of aging, and even form free-radicals that contribute to skin cancer. All of this can be easily avoided by simply applying an SPF 15 or better sunscreen daily.

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