7 Easy & Healthy Hair Tips for You

Take Folligenix for Healthy HairI am back, and I am armed with more easy and healthy hair tips for you during the New Year. These are, and I cannot embellish this point enough, very simple and everyday hair tips that you can use to enjoy healthier hair. Also, keep in mind that you can more easily obtain the lustrous locks that you do desire by taking Mario Diab’s new product, which was designed with love and care just for your hair, Folligenix. Check out www.Folligenix.com to learn more about this amazing supplement that makes your hair dazzle, from the inside out!

As promised, here are 7 great hair tips to take with you along the way…

  1. Drink your weight in water – in ounces – every day. Dehydration is something that affects your whole body, including your hair and its ability to moisturize. So make sure you get your h20 in daily.
  2. Also, drink green tea, which is another great ingredient that is contained within Folligenix. It works to improve circulation to your scalp by relaxing the blood vessels.
  3. Take short daily walks. This improves your heart rate, it’s great for you, and it also improves circulation to your scalp and to your hair.
  4. Eat healthier snacks. Try loading up on tasty snacks like roasted almonds, which are packed with magnesium, which is wonderful for improving hair health.  
  5. Get your eight hours of shuteye in every night. The more sleep you get the better that your body can nourish your hair.
  6. Try enticing aromatherapy scalp massages. Did you know that the Archives of Dermatology in 1998 conducted a study that found that aromatherapy treatments on the scalp can improve the overall growth of hair?
  7. Laugh more and you can improve your circulatory system, which also is connected to your scalp and allows for it to properly nourish and sustain your hair.

About Michael Jon Lazar

I am a Growth Hacker at TrueShip shipping software. We make multi-carrier shipping software for FedEx, UPS and USPS. I love technology and am an SEO, PR, social media and content marketing expert.
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