Tips on How to Grow Out Your Hair Faster

A healthy YOU means a healthy head of hair.  We recommend a diet rich in protein (to build up hair strength), complex carbs (to assemble the proteins for growth), iron (to supply oxygen to the hair for growth), plus vitamins and minerals like Folligenix and folic acid (to speed up the hair growth process).

Hair is made up of protein and by adding this to your daily diet, it will help build up hair strength and help it produce more keratin.  Throughout the day, we suggests snacking on nuts, dark green veggies and to try to eliminate processed foods as well as investing in a juicer to meet all your fruit and veggies needs.

Exercise for Growth!

Believe it or not, exercise actually helps hair growth, stimulates your cell production and gets your body working.  When you are growing out your hair, you need to have the energy for your body to be working at its peak performance level, sending oxygen and sebum to the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and oil production.

In addition, exercise is also a great way to relieve stress, which can be one of the main culprits of stunted growth. Hair growth can actually slow down or stop completely when someone is really emotionally or mentally stressed, so try to have a balanced mind and body.

Get More Vitamins & Minerals!

Adding supplements to your diet can help with hair growth, provided you know which ones actually work. We recommend taking a Folligenix to help fight any deficiencies you might have that aren’t already being addressed.  Folligenix contains eleven proprietary and organic ingredients that work internally.  These key ingredients supplement the body with the vitamins needed for proper cell function.  Taking Folligenix as recommended will help the body function at its most efficient level, hence improving hair, skin and nails.

Also, you are looking for added iron to get oxygen to the scalp, folic acid and zinc to build up the protein, vitamin C to build collagen for hair growth, vitamin E for improved scalp circulation, and B vitamins to speed things up.

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