Selima Hats Exclusive Collection at Mario Diab Salon

Headdress-blaclkWe are proud to announce that Selima Hats has created an exclusive collection for the Mario Diab Salon.

Selima Hats began in a hidden New York City atelier below Selima Salaun’s Bond 07 boutique, where each piece is hand-blocked and hand-sewn. These celebrity-worn hats are chic and eye-catching, created to suit ones own personal style.

Their collections are trendsettingly unique, playful and designed with the intention of accentuating the wearer’s personality, without overshadowing it. Their pieces range from everyday classics to over-the-top artistic creations, where uptown meets downtown.


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current_exhibitionEveryone who knows me is totally aware of my obsession with skulls.  Well, my favorite gallery which also happened to be next door to our salon is curating SKULL CYCLE.

SKULL CYCLE is a premiere exhibition of graphite and crystal-embedded drawings by Greg Petan and a large-scale sculptured cycle by Josh Hadar.

The concept of the exhibition includes the work of two artists with an ‘urban’ factor led by the theme of bikes and skulls. NYC streets are populated with individuals wearing fashion inspired by skull designs, from tattoos, t-shirts, jewelry and techno accessories. Motorcyclists and biker gangs display skull emblems and ride chrome motorcycles, many with artistic, personalized designs.

Click here for more information on the exhibit.

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Bracelet Yourself

I first came across Miansai bracelets at Barney’s a year ago and I was hooked.  Their handmade designs are rustic, classic and timeless.  Their collection consists of jewelry,watches, hats and other accessories.

I love to accessorize my “beat up jeans and t-shirt” look by stacking my Miansai bracelets.

Visit their website to read more about their story and check out their stuff at


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Why Mario Diab Loves Leonor Greyl

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Just Do It

With the official first day of summer only one week away (June 21) everyone is getting active. Here at the  Mario Diab Salon as a team we have all starting our summer “Just Do It & Keep It Moving”. Everyone has their own personal goal they would like to achieve.  With the help Nike Fuel Band giving us up to second read of calories burned & miles ran or walked. Getting and staying fit will be easy. We hope you join us in our quest.

Just Do It & Keep It Moving!!

Nike Fuel Band

Nike Fuel Bands

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Mario Diab Salon Introduces New Stylist Kimberly Wyma

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, romantic and edgy look, hairstylist Kimberly Wyma knows how to bring out the most beautiful and unique YOU. With her vibrant and positive personality, extensive training and over 15 years of experience in salons, television sets, and fashion shows, you’ll be in good hands.

A March 2013 issue of Allure Magazine recognized Kimberly in a “Who the Stylists Go To” feature — where Marc Jacobs PR gal Asa Larsson assures, “Kimberly does beautiful precision work, and It’s because she truly cares. She loves what she does and gives it her all.”


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Our Celebrity Stylist Matthew Yates on the Katie Couric Show

Click here to watch the video.

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